United States Vs Canada 1.5yrs later

Married life moving from Canada to the United States hasn’t been as easy as I thought….  Is it worth it?

I’m only moving from Canada… What’s taking the Green Card so long? Life kinda sucks without a job… 


9 more months later….

Oh-my gosh, you won’t believe what I got in the mail today!!!!! i got my Green Card!!! I can now work anywhere I want!!!!

After 1 months of job hunting…

I  thought it’d be easier than this…. Yosh! I must work harder on finding a good job!

Yea. Interview!! I’m so gonna rock this~ Cuz I’m Awesome~!!!

Got the job and I’m feeling like a boss!

After working for a year, I’ve saved up enough money to go back home to visit my family and friends 🙂 Weeeeeeee!!!! I miss them so much!

The best of all, I get to spend a happy life with the love of my life. I love you baby! I’m glad I moved out here for us.

For those who feel the loneliness is never ending; for those who feel their mother-in-laws may not like them; for those who are sick of waiting for the green card, staying at home watching the same shows over and over to keep yourself occupied; I want you to know my heart goes out to you. And I want you to know, that it will only get better. Hold on, everything will be all good.

Till next time 🙂

(Bringing you back to my 2011-Apr 07).

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April is about feeling good.

 Let’s Celebrate!

Nothing feels better than getting a few good friends together.

Notice the details that makes you smile

Appreciate every moment


Spread the Good Feeling

Copyright © 2012 Kristy Wu. All rights reserved.

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New Year Never Felt This Good

Happy new year everyone!! Sorry I have been MIA for a while, thank you for still sticking with me!!

I have been house hunting recently and the market is being really kind to buyers!! This is making my dream to have my own space very possible in the near future.

Recently I have ditched my Ikea catalog for an app called HOUZZ. This app is amazing and gives you tons of professional ideas on home decorating, renovating, storage design ideas!!! It’s truly amazing! Their website is cool too,

Seriously, if you’re about to have your own place or just want to design your place, visit this site!!!! You will never have to buy a home design magazine again!

I will first start with this office.

I’ll post again soon ❤ Love you all.

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10 Ways to Stay Upbeat and Happy, ALL THE TIME!!

Life can be an LMFAO Album- always happy, always up beat and full of energy!! Just play it!

Remember way back when you can’t just purchase the one song you like, and you are stuck buying the entire CD that’s really not worth your time/ money? Time has changed baby, choose what you want to hear!

Dealing with everyday situations isn’t so much different. You won’t play depressing songs if you want to dance, why should you mope around when you want to be happy? Get your Party Rock on and reignite the fire you have for life! Choose what’s right for you!

Ok! Here’s the top 10 list like David Letterman on being happy and upbeat!!!

1. No more complaining!

  • Trust me on this one. If you want to find happiness, don’t do it! Also, watch out for “Venters”! They literally suck, sucks the life out of people.

2. Be thankful

  • Pick 3 things to be thankful for everyday! (e.g. I have a loving ______ )

3. Learn to say “No” (To learn the art of saying no, Click Here ❤ )

  • Don’t make yourself too available, take some time for yourself.

4. Choose your happy tunes!

  • Pick songs that give you power and energy to conquer the world when you feel tired!

5. Waking up early, go to bed early!

6. Take what you want, not what you’re given!

7. Be optimistic!

  • Catch yourself if you see things half empty rather than half full.

8. Be responsible

  • You will be more happy when you have more control of any situation.

9. Surround yourself with the right energy!

  • Be with the people who inspire and motivate you.

10. Smile!

Xoxo Cherish every moment!! Be happy 😀 Best of luck and thanks for reading!

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Craving for sushi? Don’t worry, bite your phone!


I love how realistic it is~ Only the japanese would spend so much time and effort to make such an awesomely detailed foodinspired phone case!! Ganbare Japan~!!

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Have A Creative Day!

It was my day off today, and usually I would sleep in. Thank goodness I didn’t thought, because I had a creative day today!!

I saw some leftover bottle caps on my table this morning during breakfast and thought:”Hey!! These caps look like pie dishes!!” So that gave me the idea, I rolled up some clay, made all my decos then started decorating~!! And this is how CutiePies are born ^-^

May you also have a fulfilled day also ♥ 

Till next time,




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This just in, Velvet Corset Heel Peeptoe Pumps!

I finally found a nice pair of shoes that are both cute and I can wear it to work, I’m so excited!!

I’ve always been intrigued  with fashion. However not being skinny makes it really hard to keep up with the latest trends and look good. But shoes, shoes don’t discriminate. And that’s why I love them so much.

Having to work a full time job with a dress code, I tend to be buying shoes in the same color theme- black. Which I think it’s absurd because technically black isn’t a color.

Little piece of trivia:

Why Isn’t Black a Color?

Color is based on human perception of the visual spectrum of light. Our ability to see different colors is due having a variety of cone cells on the retina that are sensitive to different wavelengths of light.

Black is the label we give to the perception of the absence of light reaching the eye. Objects that absorb all wavelengths of light, rather than reflect them, appear black. We also see black (or darkness) at night or when we shut off the lights.

When somebody says “black is not a color” they are referring to the fact that black is not a scientific observation of light. However, since color science is based on human perception, and our eyes perceive the absence of light, it is OK to call black a color.

Today at work I was told I am allowed to wear taupe and navy 🙂 So I think this pair of shoes will brighten up my spirits at work. If you have cool shoes, please do share! We love shoes. Who doesn’t >v<

Thanks for reading, till next time^-^

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