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04 Nov

Hello there 😀 I have just figured out the difference between

Haven’t done too much today, just turned on Big Bang Theory and let it play at the background while I blabb on the net~ haha. Some reason playing these DVDs in the background makes me feel smarter, haha.

Today’s weather doesn’t look too good. The lack of sunshine is kinda bringing my mood down~ So I brewed some Premium Fair Trade coffee to lift my spirits up^-^ (Least that’s what it says on the packaging) I placed it on the side of my laptop and let my fingers fly, type-type-typing away on the keyboard.


How is everyone doing? Are you hung over chocolate like me? lol

I went trick-or-treating this year, and trust me I wasn’t expecting much from it~ I know I’m too old for it~haha. Surprisingly we got quite a few candies! One of the houses we went to was so enthused about Halloween, not only they decorated the whole yard of the house, they had an open house for everyone to go inside to decorate cookies!!! I am truly amazed! You should have seen the faces on the trick-or-treaters 😀 !!!  When I have my own house, I shall do the same and bring happiness to the world ^-^


This is a snap shot of the table at the awesome Halloween house!!

Miss Um

Special thanks to my supportive man, Jay, for the new nail art supplies. You're truly incredible ♥


Meet Um, from Umbridge:D

Well that is all I have today my friends! Till next time~

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