Get a lawyer!

06 Nov

Awesome day today!! My man took me  to Cascade Drive Inn for a movie 😀 This is the first time ever I have ever been able to cuddle up with my own blanky, snuggle up and watch a New movie in my car It was awesome, 2 movies for the price of one 

The first movie we saw was Megamind!

It has a really cute story:) Can’t say too much, cuz I don’t wanna ruin it for anyone~

The second movie we watched was The Social Network.

The Social Network has been out for quite some time now, so I don’t think I would be responsible for ruining it for anyone~ lol Anyways, for all of you Entrepreneurs out there, WATCH IT! I learned a few things from the movie.

1. Get a lawyer, Fast!

2. Don’t sign anything before you read.

3. Get a GOOD lawyer, cuz you goin’ get sued!

Jokes jokes, that’s not what the whole movies’ about. But seriously though, get a good lawyer~!

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