17 Nov

Oh Sheldon Cooper, how much I adore your friendship through this plasma screen~!

I’m working on a new project, and I find it so much more fun playing The Big Bang Theory in the back while I work~!! Aren’t you glad I’m not a heart surgeon or something? Operating on your heart while listening to Sheldon complain about his pad thai~ haha

The good thing about today

My new parents took me out for Phở! Vietnamese noodle soup is the bomb! Not only it reminds me of Kung Fu Panda, it is also very delicious! Besides the noodles, I had the most awesome Vietnamese Iced Coffee~~~ This is better than redbull! It tastes better anyhow~! So for all of you who has to study really hard for exams, enjoy one!

On top of the celebration dinner, I found some twisted inspiration on the net!!  I find it so neat yet sick! haha~

WARNING: I don’t intend to offend anyone with these pictures!. I just thought the concept is creative. Please look at these pictures with a sense of humor~ 

So? What do you think?

The work of setting the set for the photos are really amazing. I just love how “Barbie” can still have a big smile on her face~ (Apparently these are not Barbies. They are just dolls that were made by Iplehouse, Fariyland, MGA, Integrity Toys, Petsworks etc. They can only be called Barbies if they were made by Matel. Something new I learned today^-^

The Not so upidi-up side

Ayumi’s face 😦 She looks so worn out~Ganbare!!!

For all I know, she looks like this

This is the picture my best friend sent me

And this is a picture Ayumi posted on her twitter~

I still can’t wait to meet her one day. For all I know she is still very awesome under all that make up. I wish you well my goddess 

This sums up my day! What did You do today?

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