No Pain, No Gain!

02 Dec

It is no wonder they say women are stronger than men, we take pain for breakfast, lunch time & before dates.

Friday I have a double date with one of our close friends, and I can’t help to notice my 5 o’clock shadow. So I decided to go to this place where I’ve always wanted to try, Simply Eyebrows By Threading. They are located inside Meijer on 808 N Route 59, Aurora. No appointments necessary ♥

I’ve always went with waxing, because I feel that it is quick We slap on the wax, put the strip on, pull and Done. The pain only lasts for seconds, and the hair is gone. The only thing I don’t like about facial waxing, is I get bumps on my face as if a dozen mosquitoes to a chump on it. The bumps last for a few hours, and they think I’m allergic to the product. Anyhow, I’ve always wanted to try threading, I have heard so many good things about it!! So I went on a journey today, and got my lips and brows done-the ancient way. ♥

I was so nervous!! In my head “ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod “ kept repeating… I have never done it before and really don’t know what to expect. The owner Nila sat me down in the chair, make sure I’m all comfy, then she started trimming my eyebrows. Then the threads come out.. *Dun dun dunnnnn*

I must admit at the beginning it felt like a zipper zipping on my face, it was the strangest feeling. You’ll get used to it in the first 30 seconds~ But by then she’s probably done with your brows~♥

Summary of the experience:

I will definitely go back!! My eyebrows are so symmetrical♥♥♥ I love them!! Waxing is only for my armpits and legs from now on^-^ This service is definitely recommended especially to those with allergies to waxing products like myself. ♥♥♥♥ Good luck on finding your threading master ^-^

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