Inception is quite possible

15 Feb

First I’m going to tell you my dream.

My dream started at a old Chinese flat. I’m not really sure where I was, but the environment really reminds me of Hong Kong. Checkered floors, brown walls… kinda like the HK 70’s.

The dream started like this, this is where everyone was standing.

The floor

My grandma was sitting inside a bathtub full of water, with my auntie next to her. And my mom… she was in a cardboard made oven, with her toes towards me.

Grandma said: Close the door on her(My mom), it’s time. You have to do this.

But I know as soon as I shut the door, then the fire will turn on…

Me: But why grandma? Why? This is a mistake!

Grandma:” You just have to listen to us, it’s time!!” She exclaims while my auntie nodding and bathing grandma.

I was in such dilemma.. such agony.. such painful decision.. then I hear my mom say.. “Baby.. baby ? Mommy’s really scared.. I don’t want to watch myself burn, can you please close the door? Please, baby?”

“But I don’t want to.. momma I can’t”

“I really don’t want to watch myself burn baby, please close the door?”

I don’t know what on earth made me, but I closed the metal oven door *Click*.. I hear my mom saying “I love you baby… I love you so much..”

Me yelling back MOMMY!!!!!!……I love you forever mommy.. mommy!! I love you!!”

I went back to the room next door,

“I did it… *sniff sniff..*, I shut the door…”

“Why would you do that? How could you? We never said that!!! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?” Both yelling at me..

Then I woke up…

I woke up in tears with a broken heart, pain on my chest and guilt that I couldn’t bare.

I called her as soon as I woke up, thank goodness she’s ok.

It’s been 3 days now since the nightmare… and yet I still tear up when I talk about closing the oven door on my mom…

Just a thought, if we had the machines like the ones in the movie, Inception, people can really change the way other people think of- Anything

Like :

•Make a person believe you’re the girl/man of his/her dreams (All them dating sites can shut down!!)

•Getting people to quit drugs (So they can see and feel the painful future)

•Create less bitchy person (Hallelujah! We finally don’t have to kill our boss!)

What are your ways to change the world if you have the technology like that?

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