I know where to get the best sushi in Chicago

24 Feb

Found the perfect sushi joint! Na-nanana-na!

Our family loves Japanese food, we try out new restaurants every week. Every week, hoping to find a place that knows how to make good sushi. Sushi may seem simple to prepare, it is really hard to perfect. Most important of all in having sushi, is the quality and freshness of their product.

Watch out

I can’t speak for other areas in the US, but here in Naperville, IL we have over 30 establishments that offers sushi. However, out of how many of the restaurants knows how to properly prepare sashimi? Did you know fish that have not been properly prepare contains parasites? Not good. Picking the right place to dine is really important. Anyways, here’s my best sushi experience at:

Sushi by Chef Soon

Spring Spider- Deep fried soft-shell crab, asparagus and mixed greens wrapped with mamenori and cucumber sheet, served with citrus soy

Comments: Very refreshing and creative! Love the no rice concept.

King Crab Sunomono- wrapped with cucumber sheet  and served in sweet mirin vinaigrette

Comments: Similar to the Spring Spider, very refreshing and appetizing! Lovely start to a meal.

Assorted Sashimi

Comments: FRESH FRESH FRESH!!!!!

Assorted Sushi

Comments:  Rice/Sashimi ratio was perfect!!!

Millennium Maki

Shrimp tempura with cream cheese, cucumber, masago, avocado and spicy chili sauce rolled in crunch, drizzled with creamy wasabi and unagi sauce

Comments: This is a must have! Definitely one of my favorites.

Black Dragon

Eel over spicy scallop and topped with black tobiko

Comments: A bit on the sweet side at first, but it balances very well with the spicy scallop.


Assorted fresh cuts of fish over sushi rice and  served with Japanese picked veggies

Comments: A++ for the plating! I especially enjoy the ika & tobiko which are playfully bundled together (the white roll with orange little beads). Delightful!

What would make it even better for me is to have had Tamago in it.

Red Dragon

Fresh tuna over soft-shell crab

Comments:You can definitely order this as an appetizer. The tangy ponzu sauce gives succulent flavors and makes your mouth water.


Melted mozzarella cheese over shrimp tempura, tempura crunch and cream cheese, drizzled with unagi sauce

Comments:  Creamy & Chewy on the outside, Hot & Crunchy in the middle! Best Dish Of The Night!! Tastes Like Heaven!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

My Wrap Up

Chef Soon is so talented! You can tell he prepares his creations with care and passion through the taste of the food, it is like no other. Every dish is fabulously plated,  I would absolutely give a 100%. Hands down the best sushi experience I have ever had! I highly recommend you to dine here, it is so worth the drive.

1600 Maple Ave Ste C Lisle, IL 60532
Lisle IL 60532 USA
Hours of operation:
Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30 am – 2:30 pmDinner: Mon – Sat. 4 30 pm – 10 pm. 

Closed on Sunday

(630) 515-0033




Seven Spiced Ahi                                                                                                                        $9

Chopped bigeye tuna marinated with seven spices, stacked on buttered crispy rice, garnished with thin slices of jalapeños

Oven Baked Sake Roulade                                                                                                       $9

Chopped scallop, crabmeat, shrimp and scallion mixed with spiced mayo, rolled up with slices of fresh salmon, oven baked topped with chili tobiko served with house made unagi sauce

Unagi Spring Roll                                                                                                                      $10

Fresh water eel, asparagus, cucumber, avocado and fresh spring greens wrapped in mamenori and rice paper served with sesame dressing

Maui Tartare                                                                                                                               $10

Tartare of fresh tuna and yellowtail mixed with chives, minced garlic, black and orange tobiko served in citrus seven spiced aioli sauce

Hirame and Sea Urchin Roulade                                                                                       $10

Sea urchin rolled up with thin slices of fluke served with chives, chili daikon radish and splashed with citrus soy

Filo Wrapped Ahi                                                                                                                       $9

Spicy tuna and cream cheese with avocado wrapped with filo dough and deep fried, served with creamy wasabi and unagi sauce


Your choice wrapped with cucumber sheet  and served in sweet mirin vinaigrette









Oyster Shooter                                                                                                                              $5

Fresh oyster in sake ponzu sauce served with quail egg and a hint of chili and chives

Uni Shooter                                                                                                                                    $7

Fresh sea urchin in sparkling wine served with quail egg and a slice of lemon

Tuna Sample                                                                                                                               $14

Samples of all the different fresh tuna available served as sashimi

Shiro Ahi Carpaccio.                                                                                                               $10

Thin slices of flash seared, sesame and pepper encrusted super white tuna in citrus soy served on a bed of spring greens

Dynamite                                                                                                                                        $9

Sushi rice wrapped with fresh salmon, oba and mamenori topped with chopped seven spice seasoned fresh scallop, shrimp and crabmeat, served in house ponzu sauce

Spring Spider                                                                                                                              $10

Deep fried soft-shell crab, asparagus and mixed greens wrapped with mamenori and cucumber sheet, served with citrus soy

Spring Blossom                                                                                                                          $11

Tuna, salmon S.W. tuna, asparagus and oba wrapped with mamenori served with sweet citrus vinaigrette


Soft-Shell Crab                                                                                                                           $10

Lightly floured & fried soft-shell crab served with ponzu sauce dipping sauce

Gyoza                                                                                                                                                $6

Pan fried pork dumpling served with spicy soy dipping sauce

Shumai                                                                                                                                            $6

Steamed shrimp dumpling served with citrus soy dipping sauce

Edamame                                                                                                                                        $4

Steamed soybeans in a pod


House Salad                                                                                                                                   $5

Fresh spring greens served with a creamy ginger dressing

Wakame Salad                                                                                                                             $6

Marinated seaweed and cucumbers served with sweet mirin vinaigrette

Cucumber & Japanese Mint Salad                                                                                       $6

Thin slices of cucumber and Japanese mint leaves served with a creamy ginger dressing

Citrus Tuna and Avocado Salad                                                                                          $12

Diced fresh bigeye tuna and avocado with mixed greens served with a citrus garlic olive vinaigrette and garnished with shredded red radish


Fatty Tuna (Otoro) M.P. Fresh Scallop (Hotate) $3
Blue Fin Tuna (Kuromaguro) M.P. Squid (Ika) $2.50
Tuna (Maguro) $3 Octopus (Tako) $2.50
Albacore Tuna (Binnega Maguro) $2.50 Tiger Shrimp (Ebi) $2.50
Super White Tuna(Shiro Maguro) $3 Sweet Shrimp (Ama-ebi) $4
Salmon (Namasake) $3 King Crab (Kani) $4
Smoked Salmon (Smoked Sake) $3 Surf Clam (Hokkigai) $2.50
Red Snapper (Madai) $3 Sea Urchin (Uni) $4
Fluke (Hirame) $2.50 Oyster (Kaki) $3
Fresh Yellow Tail (Hamachi) $3 Salmon Roe (Ikura) $3
Fatty Yellow Tail(Buri Toro) $3.50 Smelt Roe (Masago) $2.50
Fresh Water Eel (Unagi) $2.50 Black Tobiko (Black flying fish roe) $2.50
Sea Eel (Anago) $3 Wasabi Tobiko (Wasabi flavored flying fish roe) $2.50
Mackerel (Saba) $2.50 Chili Tobiko (Chili flavored flying fish roe) $2.50
Sweet Egg (Tamago) $2 Citrus Tobiko (Citrus flavored  flying fish roe) $2.50
Stop Light Tobiko (Wasabi, Citrus & Chili flavored flying fish roe) $3 Rainbow Tobiko (all 4 flavored flying fish roe) $3


**All served with chef’s special soy sauce**

Big Eye Tuna                                                                                                                            $3.50

Served with shitake mushrooms sautéed in butter and soy

Seared Tuna                                                                                                                            $3.50

Tuna marinated in garlic olive oil and seared

Zuke Salmon                                                                                                                           $3.50

Seared salmon marinated in house special sauce and served with enoki mushroom sautéed in white truffle oil

Yellowtail                                                                                                                                 $3.50

Served with banana peppers sautéed in butter

Madai                                                                                                                                         $3.50

Fresh Red Snapper from Japan served with chili daikon radish, chives and citrus soy

Mackerel                                                                                                                                         $3

Served with pickled red onion, grated ginger, chives and marinated white seaweed

Sweet Shrimp                                                                                                                          $4.50

Served with chives and garlic sautéed in butter
Seared Ika                                                                                                                                $4.50

Seared squid served over sea urchin with house soy

Kani                                                                                                                                             $4.50

King Crab served with butter lemon


California $6 Tuna & Avocado $6
Yellow Fin Tuna $5 Yellow Tail & Scallion $5
Fatty Tuna & Scallion $8 Spicy Tuna $6
Shrimp Tempura $6 Spicy Salmon $6
Philadelphia $8 Soft-shell Crab $8
Fresh Water Eel $6 Crunch Salmon $8
Spicy Octopus $7 Calamari Tempura $6
Spicy Blue Crab $8 Spicy Crunch Roll $8
Salmon Skin Maki $6 Spicy Scallop $8
Choice of Vegetable Maki  $4(Cucumber, avocado, shitake mushroom, oshinko or kampyo)


White Dragon                                                                                                                             $13

Super white tuna over shrimp tempura

Black Dragon                                                                                                                               $13

Eel over spicy scallop and topped with black tobiko

Red Dragon                                                                                                                                   $13

Fresh tuna over soft-shell crab

Atlantic                                                                                                                                         $12

Spicy salmon over snow crab

Dragon                                                                                                                                           $13

Eel over shrimp tempura and topped with chili tobiko

Alaskan                                                                                                                                         $15

Spicy blue crab over king crab

Kamikaze                                                                                                                                      $13

Fresh tuna over spicy tuna

Octo                                                                                                                                                 $12

Spicy salmon over spicy octopus

Rainbow                                                                                                                                        $13

Assorted fish over California

Caterpillar                                                                                                                                   $13

Avocado over snow crab meat and shrimp tempura topped with black and red tobiko

Tataki Tuna                                                                                                                                $13

Seared spicy tuna over spicy tuna

Totoro Kani                                                                                                                                 $15

Spicy tuna over king crab meat

Smoky Bear                                                                                                                                  $13

Seared smoked salmon over shrimp tempura and cream cheese served with unagi sauce

California Sunset                                                                                                                      $14

Fresh salmon and salmon roe over snow crab meat served with sweet miso sauce


Blu Coral Maki                                                                                                                            $15

Lightly battered spicy tuna and cream cheese with avocado, asparagus shrimp, wasabi tobiko and tempura crunch wrapped with mamenori, drizzled with creamy wasabi and unagi sauce

Salmon Obsession                                                                                                                     $15

Lightly battered spicy salmon and cream cheese with cucumber, avocado, crabmeat topped with fresh salmon and chili tobiko, drizzled with chili sauce

Ocean Drive                                                                                                                                 $15

Tuna, yellowtail, avocado, green bell peppers, cilantro and spicy masago mayo wrapped with mamenori, drizzled with chili oil and fresh lime juice

Millenium Maki


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2 responses to “I know where to get the best sushi in Chicago

  1. miss alley kat

    March 13, 2011 at 1:37 am

    I just ate here with my BF for the first time. We are a big fan of sushi and like to try different Sushi Restaurants around the Chicago-land area. I was just looking up the restaurant and came across your site. BTW I must agree with you, Sushi by Chef Soon is a hidden jewel in Naperville. The sushi was very good! =)

  2. Kiko

    March 16, 2011 at 9:51 am

    Oh I’m so glad you like it too!! We just went back 2 days ago and we tried more dishes. Gosh, we were once again blown away by his creativity!

    Are you a fan of Tamago? He made us his special tamago sushi with unagi in it!! I’ll post pictures. But must I say- WOW!!


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