United States Vs Canada 1.5yrs later

17 Oct

Married life moving from Canada to the United States hasn’t been as easy as I thought….  Is it worth it?

I’m only moving from Canada… What’s taking the Green Card so long? Life kinda sucks without a job… 


9 more months later….

Oh-my gosh, you won’t believe what I got in the mail today!!!!! i got my Green Card!!! I can now work anywhere I want!!!!

After 1 months of job hunting…

I  thought it’d be easier than this…. Yosh! I must work harder on finding a good job!

Yea. Interview!! I’m so gonna rock this~ Cuz I’m Awesome~!!!

Got the job and I’m feeling like a boss!

After working for a year, I’ve saved up enough money to go back home to visit my family and friends 🙂 Weeeeeeee!!!! I miss them so much!

The best of all, I get to spend a happy life with the love of my life. I love you baby! I’m glad I moved out here for us.

For those who feel the loneliness is never ending; for those who feel their mother-in-laws may not like them; for those who are sick of waiting for the green card, staying at home watching the same shows over and over to keep yourself occupied; I want you to know my heart goes out to you. And I want you to know, that it will only get better. Hold on, everything will be all good.

Till next time 🙂

(Bringing you back to my 2011-Apr 07).

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