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Ayumi Hamasaki Married!!!

On January 1st 2011, Hamasaki Ayumi has announced that she is getting married on her fan club site “TeamAyu.”  According to the announcement on “TeamAyu”, her groom is Austrian actor, Manuel Schwarz who Ayu co-stared with in her PV’s for “Virgin Road“, “Last angel“, and “Love song.”

Their first encounter was during the shoot for “Virgin Road” held in L.A in August 2010, and Manuel appeared in her PV as Ayu’s husband.  They met again at the shoot for “Last angel” and “Love song”, but it seems like they kept in touch with each other through emails and phone calls.

Ayu wrote, “I, Hamasaki Ayumi, met irreplaceable love, as a human being, and as a female.  I am sure that we are at the closest place as eternity.  Many who was my husband in the PV for ‘Virgin Road’, will be my husband in my real life!!!!!

According to her agency, they will register their marriage sometime soon, and Ayu is not pregnant.  At this moment, there has not been any information about her future activities.

I’ve always thought that Ayu would have the wedding of the century, kinda of a shocker to me for her getting married in Vegas. Anyhow, congratulations Ayu. Best of luck on your long-distance marriage.

How do you feel about this?

Write them all down below!

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Mermaid Nails ♥

♥ It’s time for another nail post!

This time, I painted a mermaid.

Super sweet sweet candy is next! Love you all and thank you for reading. Till next time!

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Nail art post before bed-3

Half moon leopard manicure, topped with bows & swarovski crystals ♥

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Nail post before bedtime :)

I have been working^-^

Sexy leopard print on gold, mixed matched with Swarovski Crystal on turquoise.


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