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10 Ways to Stay Upbeat and Happy, ALL THE TIME!!

Life can be an LMFAO Album- always happy, always up beat and full of energy!! Just play it!

Remember way back when you can’t just purchase the one song you like, and you are stuck buying the entire CD that’s really not worth your time/ money? Time has changed baby, choose what you want to hear!

Dealing with everyday situations isn’t so much different. You won’t play depressing songs if you want to dance, why should you mope around when you want to be happy? Get your Party Rock on and reignite the fire you have for life! Choose what’s right for you!

Ok! Here’s the top 10 list like David Letterman on being happy and upbeat!!!

1. No more complaining!

  • Trust me on this one. If you want to find happiness, don’t do it! Also, watch out for “Venters”! They literally suck, sucks the life out of people.

2. Be thankful

  • Pick 3 things to be thankful for everyday! (e.g. I have a loving ______ )

3. Learn to say “No” (To learn the art of saying no, Click Here ❤ )

  • Don’t make yourself too available, take some time for yourself.

4. Choose your happy tunes!

  • Pick songs that give you power and energy to conquer the world when you feel tired!

5. Waking up early, go to bed early!

6. Take what you want, not what you’re given!

7. Be optimistic!

  • Catch yourself if you see things half empty rather than half full.

8. Be responsible

  • You will be more happy when you have more control of any situation.

9. Surround yourself with the right energy!

  • Be with the people who inspire and motivate you.

10. Smile!

Xoxo Cherish every moment!! Be happy 😀 Best of luck and thanks for reading!

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Harry Potter Fan Must see- HP Wand Chopsticks!

I think my best friend and cousin would love this 😀 What great way to show off at lunch~!


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Is passion enough?

What is the world gonna do with me~ What has it to offer? Where do I start?

Lately I’ve been working on creating more designs for nails. All day, all I do is paint, sculpt and glue nails. Sometimes I wonder, to get recognition for what I love to do, should I take up on an internship? Or should I just keep doing what I do and hope for the best?

My goals have changed a little bit since I first fell in love on doing nails. When I first started, I wanted a job in nails. When I was working there, I have dreams in having my own salon. Now, I am craving for inspiration! I’m dying for an opportunity to work with amazing people who are also in love with what they do.  I want to collide styles, I wanna jam, I want to have fun!! They don’t have to be doing nails~ Music, Fashion, Art! Just spill our creative  juice and mix em’ up, see what comes out of it~ !

I know I will find that place, that place full of creativity. I will go there, and will bring awesome back to you. To all of you

We’ll see what life takes me next. I’m excited!!


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