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April is about feeling good.

 Let’s Celebrate!

Nothing feels better than getting a few good friends together.

Notice the details that makes you smile

Appreciate every moment


Spread the Good Feeling

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Hungry For Nummy Phone Case

I’ve always been a fan of making miniature/ artificial foods~I love it because I can eat it over and over again just by looking at them and not have to gain the calories haha~ Cute?

Kinda wish they weren’t $60 :c


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Mermaid Nails ♥

♥ It’s time for another nail post!

This time, I painted a mermaid.

Super sweet sweet candy is next! Love you all and thank you for reading. Till next time!

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Birthday Week, Means Eat EAt EAT♥

The Big Bang Theory kept mentioning PF Chang’s~ So My hubby and I decided to hit the joint after watching a few episodes:) So here is my very first PF Chang’s experience in Schamburg ^-^


PF Chang's marble horsey!! We're here!!

CRAB WONTONS-Crunchy wonton filled with rock crab meat and served with a side of spicy plum sauce

Shrimp in mobster sauce lol

I ordered the V.I.P Duck ^-^ I love duck~~


Jay you make me feel so special ♥ I love you ♥ Tiramisu on the left, and red velvet on the right. Tiramisu for the win!! Perfect size of dessert to end the meal ^-^

These were from our fortune cookies~ We were puzzled after reading. These aren't fortunes, they're statements! Weird~~~ lol

What kind of fortune is this? What's the universe trying to tell me?

Our server wasn’t that good, all he did was bring us our food… I look for great personalities in a good server. Overall great food & atmosphere! The dimmed lights made my skin look really good ^-^

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