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New Year Never Felt This Good

Happy new year everyone!! Sorry I have been MIA for a while, thank you for still sticking with me!!

I have been house hunting recently and the market is being really kind to buyers!! This is making my dream to have my own space very possible in the near future.

Recently I have ditched my Ikea catalog for an app called HOUZZ. This app is amazing and gives you tons of professional ideas on home decorating, renovating, storage design ideas!!! It’s truly amazing! Their website is cool too,

Seriously, if you’re about to have your own place or just want to design your place, visit this site!!!! You will never have to buy a home design magazine again!

I will first start with this office.

I’ll post again soon ❤ Love you all.

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It rained birds on New Years Eve, NO JOKE!

5,000 Birds fell from the sky!!

Not sure if you have heard of this or not, but I found this pretty interesting. For the past few days, it’s been raining birds over a small town near Little Rock, called Ark.

The birds stars hitting the ground an hour before midnight (What an exciting countdown alright~!), landing everywhere you can imagine. Roads, roofs, lawns, the trampoline in your backyard, you name it~! Can you guess what caused it? Here’s what some experts say:

“Lab results reveal that the birds probably died from “acute physical trauma.” Ornithology experts, university scientists, and conservation officials say that all signs point to the fact that something startled the birds (like New Year’s Eve fireworks), and they took off flying, which they aren’t equipped to do at night. Massive panic, stress, and collisions into each other, chimneys, and trees ensued.”

Poor birdies…I mean, can you imagine? here we are celebrating, watching fireworks, and there they are having massive panic attacks while flying in mid air just trying to get home…

So I guess we did start this year with a bang!!

Happy New Year! Not So Happy For Tweety Though..

Well, here’s a video of the article! May your new years be happy, joyful and dead birds free.

Special thanks to my hubby Jay

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Long Distance Relationship FTW♥

♥We Made It♥

Something About Jay and I

It took us 8 years before we got married 😀 Time just flies when I’m with him. It wasn’t easy maintaining a long-distance relationship..

It took a lot of love, trust and a bulk of patience to make it work. I’m lucky because I’ve had previous training training on patience with Yoda momma since birth!

This is how she trained me

My mom has had me trained well since the very first Christmas I remember.

“Sweetheart, these are your Christmas presents *points*, don’t open them until Christmas or Santa won’t come.” As a firm believer of Santa, I must obey!!

True story!

Even with years of training under my belt (haha~~), the wait still felt like forever~!!

But the wait is worth it,  we’re together at last ♥

Cheers to all the great loves and friendships out there! Especially to all of mine ^-^

Merry Christmas & Happy New year everyone!

May you and your loved ones have a warm & cozy winter holidays♥


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