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This just in, Velvet Corset Heel Peeptoe Pumps!

I finally found a nice pair of shoes that are both cute and I can wear it to work, I’m so excited!!

I’ve always been intrigued  with fashion. However not being skinny makes it really hard to keep up with the latest trends and look good. But shoes, shoes don’t discriminate. And that’s why I love them so much.

Having to work a full time job with a dress code, I tend to be buying shoes in the same color theme- black. Which I think it’s absurd because technically black isn’t a color.

Little piece of trivia:

Why Isn’t Black a Color?

Color is based on human perception of the visual spectrum of light. Our ability to see different colors is due having a variety of cone cells on the retina that are sensitive to different wavelengths of light.

Black is the label we give to the perception of the absence of light reaching the eye. Objects that absorb all wavelengths of light, rather than reflect them, appear black. We also see black (or darkness) at night or when we shut off the lights.

When somebody says “black is not a color” they are referring to the fact that black is not a scientific observation of light. However, since color science is based on human perception, and our eyes perceive the absence of light, it is OK to call black a color.

Today at work I was told I am allowed to wear taupe and navy 🙂 So I think this pair of shoes will brighten up my spirits at work. If you have cool shoes, please do share! We love shoes. Who doesn’t >v<

Thanks for reading, till next time^-^

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Shibuya 109

My favorite shopping center in Japan! Shibuya 109.

I have only been there once, but I won’t forget how busy it was and how cool the things were!! This mall has tons of little shops. You can never get bored here!! (Well, unless you’re the dad…you know, who has to wait and pay for everything? haha )

This mall has it all! Nails, hair, clothes, more clothes and shoes shoes shoes!!! Shop till you drop girlfriends!!

Most of their store names are in English, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find the second time you go. Out of all the stores though, this name stood out:

Haha, someone loves them so much they named their store after them.

Hopefully soon, I can have my own store 🙂 Bring the Japanesey to wherever I am

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Mermaid Nails ♥

♥ It’s time for another nail post!

This time, I painted a mermaid.

Super sweet sweet candy is next! Love you all and thank you for reading. Till next time!

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Nail art post before bed-3

Half moon leopard manicure, topped with bows & swarovski crystals ♥

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Nail post before bedtime :)

I have been working^-^

Sexy leopard print on gold, mixed matched with Swarovski Crystal on turquoise.


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